Visa to Russia:

Visa for travel to Russia on business, tourism, work.


Watch this short video ( 3 min. ) Guide & Instruction on How to get your Russian visa in 5  simple steps.

Visa for Russia is a document issued by an authorized state body to permit

  • entry to Russia,
  • stay within the period specified in the visa and
  • exit from Russia within visa validity or permited stay..

A  Russian visa can be single, double, multiple.

Most foreign citizens are required a visa to travel to Russia on business or on tourism.

Also a visa is required for those who intend to work, study in Russia, or just is going to visit their friends or relatives.

Depending on the purpose of travel, visas are divided into several types: diplomatic, official, ordinary, transit, temporary residence visa.

Usually the visas are issued by Russian consulates. Within Russia an authorized state body to issue visas is Federal Migration Service.

Pay attention, that visas may not be extended while staying in Russia.

Also, be aware that you will need a visa invitation to apply for a russian visa.

How to obtain a Letter of invitation for Russia?

Here you will find information on how to obtain a Visa and a Letter of Invitation for Travel to Russia on Business and Tourism.