6 months visa to Russia

6 months multy visa for Russia

This is a Business visa

for multiple entries

A 6 months multy visa may be granted if you have used any Russian visa before.

Otherwise, the granted visa is usually reduced to 3 months.

This visa is suitable for frequent short trips to Russia.

This visa is valid 6 months,
but allowed period of stay – 90 days within the visa validity period .

Early cancellation of a multiple Business visa to get another business visa is not allowed.

This visa is granted to people who state that they are employed by some company, manage or own some business.

A Business visa is not granted to people  temporarily not working, unemployed or retired.

To get this visa a  Business Letter of Invitation is required.

The Business Letter of invitation may be issued in paper form:priglashenie_v_rossiyu-1or in electronic form – Telex visa directive:priglashenie_telexom

If issued in paper form, only the original Letter of invitation is admitted.

If issued in electronic form – Telex visa directive – the number of Telex is required.

The both forms have the same effect and are admitted in Russian consulates worldwide.

The Letter of Invitation may be  processed by Russian Migration Service or by Foreign Ministry.

Processing time is 21 work days, or 16 work days or 13 work days.

Tariff for Letter of Invitation processing

How to get the Letter of Invitation?

There are 2 options:

Option 1  Online order

Select in the table above Processing time and form ( original  or Telex ) of Letter of Invitation. Click Select on the selected item.
The online Order form will open.

Complete it and attach a copy of your passport.

Then click Continue to get your Order ID.

Next you may pay your order with a card or PayPal

Option 2 – Off-line order

Complete the Order Form ( download it in Word format  on this link:
http://llcentre.ru/otvety/files/anketa_napriglashenie_en.doc  )

Send us the Order Form and a copy of your passport ( front page ) to our e-mail: order@LLcentre.ru

After we confirm receipt of your order, you may pay it by Visa / Mastercard on-line on our Web-site, by PayPal, by Western Union or to our Bank account.

Once your payment is confirmed, we start processing your order.