Business Visa

Russian Business Visa is issued to people who travel to Russia for the purpose of

  • negotiations,
  • presentations,
  • to address specific business issues:
  • conclusions and extension of contracts,
  • commercial services,
  • participation in conferences, symposia, congresses and other trade and economic  events,
  • for improving training and retraining,
  • drivers of vehicles, offering scheduled passenger and cargo,
  • crew, aircraft and ships,
  • for a medical examination and treatment,
  • adoption;
  • lectures at colleges and professional schools,
  • for the partial time reporters and technical staff of foreign media representations.

More often Russian Business Visas are granted for people traveling to Russia for business purposes,

to negotiate, to meet with business partners, as well as for employees of foreign companies coming to Russia for his employer.

Also a business visa is often granted to a foreign company technicians to service supplied equipment to Russia.

In this case, the purpose of the entry in the visa is indicated as “maintenance.”

Holders of business visa are entitled to stay in the factories premises and construction sites and carry out work in accordance with the technical regulations.

Business Visa  may be issued  for a single, double or mupltiple entries.

Business visa validity is 1 or 3 months for single and double visas, and 3, 6 and 12 months for multy entries visas.

For citizens of some countries 3 and 5 years Russian visa is also available if applicant matches criteria of the russian consulate.

If you are going to apply for a business visa,  remember:

  • Russian Business Visa does not allow official work & salary in Russia.
  • Allowed stay on a Business visa may not exceed 90 days in every 6 months period. This limitation excludes USA citizens who obtained Russian visas after 9 September 2012 – they may stay in Russia  6 months without exit. (details)
  • A Business Visa invitation is required from applicant. It must be submitted with your Visa Application form.
  • Business Visa may not be extended nor changed to work visa while staying in Russia.

In any case, to obtain a business visa, you must have a Russian Visa invitation.

This Visa Invitation for Russia is the main and only reason for granting a Russian visa

How to apply for a Business Visa? 

How to obtain a Business visa fInvitation?