Limit of stay 90/180 on a russian visa

People who travel to Russian on a multiple business visa must remember about limit of stay 90/180.

What does it mean?

This limit of stay means that you can not stay in Russia more than 90 days at one time or cumulatively in every 180 days period despite the fact that the visa validity is 1 year.

The visa validity is not the same as period of stay.

According to Iinternational Practice, period of 90 days stay in a half-year is recognized as a temporary stay – sojourn and a foreigner can not be a taxpayer in the country of stay.  Longer periods of stay are recognized as temporary residence and it gives the right to receive income and pay taxes in the host country.

But for many people their business requires them to stay in Russia more than 90 days. What  can they do?

Way 1 – Get a work visa for Russia. But this is a slow process and can take from 2 to 4 months.

Way 2 – Have 2 valid passports and a valid visa in each of them.

Way 3 – Stay in Russia on a 3-months visa. Then go out and get a new 3-months russian visa. Actual Russian Law limits stay on a visa, not for a person. So one person may have several 90-days visas going back to back each other. Russian Migration Law does not prohibit it.
The only problem is that a new visa invitation must be ready for the end of the current visa.
But this is not problem for us.
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