Tourist Visa

Travel Visa also named as a Tourist Visa for Russia is the best choice for a short single trip to Russia.
Usually it is a Single entry visa. But it may be a double entry, if you take a combined trip Russia + some other country, and your return tickets include a stop in Russia for 2 days or more.

Tourist visas are isued for people going to travel to Russia as tourists. Also travel visas may be provided for people going to Russia to assist sport or cultural events.

Travel, or Tourist visas, are often used by people coming to Russia on Business for a short time. Also tourist visas are very popular and convenient for those who travel to Russia to visit their relatives or just to stay with friends.

Tourist visa for Russia is issued at the Russian consulate.

Tourist Visa requirements.

  • Your passport must be valid at least 6 months after your planned trip to Russia  ends.
  • You must have a Tourist Visa invitation – Tourist Voucher    What is a Tourist Voucher? How to obtain it?
  • Citizens of countries as follows, must have an insurance policy valid for the period of the applied visa. ( Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands ).
  • We also advice you to attach to your Russian tourist visa application a copy of your air-tickets if dates of flights match the asked visa validity.
  • If you apply for a tourist visa valid more than 2 weeks you may be required an original confirmation of paid hotel for the whole period of visa validity.

Issuing Time at the Russian consulate

Be aware, that issuing time for Travel visas is between 5-10 days. Express processing is usually unavailable for tourist visas.

Time for getting a Russian visa Invitation – 5-15 minutes. For many countries a fax or e-mail copy of the Tourist invitation is enough for the Consulate.

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