Work Visa

Work visa for Russia is provided to foreign citizens entering Russia in order to work in Russia  on the basis of an invitation from a Russian employer company.

Work visa is issued at Russian consulate  for up to three months, with the possibility
of further extending in Russia on the basis of the employment contract or a civil contract, but no more than

one year for each subsequent visa.

Working visa for highly skilled expert is given for the duration of the work permit of up to 3 years.

The benefit of a russian work visa is that

  • the visaholder may stay in Russia 1 or 3 years without need of exit every 90 days;
  • the visaholder may ask for a russian visas for his spouse and children for the same period as his work visa for Russia.
  • the visaholder may open a bank account in Russia
  • the visaholder may have official job in a russian company and have official salary.

Important note!

If you are planning to have official job in Russia, your employer must be indicated in your work visa and in your work permit. You can not be employed in Russia officially if you have a work visa with some other employer.

Our company provides work visa for Russia both – for a job and for stay for 1 and for 3 years.

We also assist your Russian employer to obtain a work visa for you.

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