Visa Application

Visa application for a Russian visa actually is a very simple procedure.
You submit your Visa Application form along with your Visa Invitation for Russia and other required documents to the Russian consulate.
Your visa application is beeing processed in the Russian consulate within 5-15 days.
For business visas processing time may be shorter: 1-3 days, if you select express visa processing.

Now most of the Russian consulates accept visa applications completed online via Internet on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry (see below).

However, in some countries, online application is not available yet.

In these  countries (The Netherlands, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, Slovenia and some others ) the  visa application must be printed from the site of the Russian consulate. The applicant is required to fill it offline, and bring it to the consulate along with the visa invitation, passport and photo.

Check your country in this Official web-site of Russian Foreign Ministry in the left part – dropdown menu of countries:

Once you have completed the online visa application form, you may print it out to bring it to the Russian consulate or Russian Visa center.
To avoid the queues at the visa application, many Russian consulates now accept visa applications both, through the Visa Application centre and at Visa section of the consulate, or in some cities, only through Visa Application centre.
When applying for a Russian visa at Visa Service centre you may select the appropriate date and time to visit the Visa Service centre or the Russian consulate.
Some times your visa application may be delivered to the Russian Visa center by another person.

For details of visa application in your country and city consult the web-site of your nearest Russian Consulate.