How to apply for a visa

How to apply for a visa and how to obtain a visa.
Instruction step by step.

Step 1. First you have to decide, what russian visa you need – business or tourist.

When are you going to travel to Russia? For how many days?

Step 2. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents to match visa requirements.

Step 3. Find out on the web-site of russian consulate what place should you apply to – the Visa center or directly to the Russian Consulate. ( Usually on a Telex busness invitation you must apply directly to the Russian Consulate, all other applications – to the Visa center ).

Step 4. Complete your visa application form at  the Russian Foreign Ministry website Help on How to fill in a Russian visa application see here

Step 5. Make an appointment at the Russian consulate or visa application center.

Step 6. At the appointed time come to the appointed place with a complete set of documents for a visa, and pay the visa consular  fee and service fee.
Get information on the date of availability of your visa.

Step 7. Go to pick up your ready visa.