How to complete the online Visa Application

Now, most of the Russian consulates accept visa applications completed online on Web site of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Step 1.

Go to the above web-site and create your password. You will be provided an ID for your visa application so that you could come back and edit your visa application as many times as you want. Your visa application will be stored in the web-site for 2 weeks after created  and will not be processed untill your submit hard copy to the Russian Consulate  or  a Visa Center.

Step 2.

Enter your personal data and your passport data.

Step 3.

Enter data of your travel to Russia.

This step usually causes a lot of questions on how to comlete fields on the questionnaire.

Here you have help to fill the fields properly: (click to enlarge)

When selecting the purpose of travel to Russia:

for a Business visa make selection as shown below:

 for a Tourist visa select as follows:

On “Visit Details” page

For a Tourist Visa for Russia enter data as shown in the  picture below:

 For a Business visa to Russia based on Telex:

For a Business visa to Russia based on an Original Letter of Invitation or Electronic visa Invitation:


Step 4.  Appointment details

If there is a Visa Application Centre available, select the Russian Visa Centre.

Remember! All short-terms visa applications ( for business and for tourism ) must be submitted to the Russian Visa Application Centre, where available.

No prior appointment is required to visit the Russian Visa Application Centres based in the UK.

Step 5.

After completed the online application you are adviced to save it and password to access your visa application form later to edit it and also to print it out .