Visa refusal

What are the reasons for the visa refusal?

The most typical reasons for visa refusal at a russian consulate:

Claim to the documents

–         Your documents do not match the visa requirements.

–         Your visa application is incomplete or contains inaccurate information.

–         In your passport there are not free pages for a russian visa.

–         Your passport expires in less than 6 months after your desired visa may expire.

–         You do not have an invitation to Russia.

–         The data in your visa application form  does not correspond to the data in your  invitation for Russia.

–         You apply for a visa for a period out of your visa invitation.

Claim to the applicant’s identity

–         On your previous visit to Russia you have violated terms of stay or other Russian Law.

–         The Russian Consulate has information that your visit to Russia is not desirable.

–         You had changed your passport but have not put it in your visa application.

You may be refused a visa on business visa application

–         If there is mismatch in you visa  application and in your visa invitation, company to visit in Russia, for example.

–         You can not verify your employment, if the Russian consulate asks.

–         Your purpose of visit is different from that one stated in your visa invitation. For example, you have a Business visa invitation, but you specify your visit as “Job” or “Stay with friends” .

–         You want to visit places of restricted access. For these cities you must have a special permission.

–         If you are applying before your telex visa invitation arrives to the Russian consulate.

–         If you apply to another consulate than telex has been sent to.

–         If you  are unable to answer what company is specified in your visa invitation as a Host company.

–         If you ask for a multy visa, but before have never visited Russia.

You may be refused a visa on a Tourist visa application:

–         If you do not have a Russian Tourist voucher.

–         If you declare your purpose of visit not tourism, but staying with friends, for example.

–         If you put in your application form that you will stay in Russia not in a hotel, but with friends.

–         If your dates of visit do not match the dates of the voucher.

–         If you apply for a tourist visa for more than 2 weeks and you can not prove the full payment of a hotel.

–         If your Tourist Voucher is not registered with the issuing company.

–         If you apply for a double-entry tourist visa without any reason. A double entry tourist visa is available for combined tour Russia + one country of CIS only.

Remember: A visa invitation is the main and only basis for visa issuing. Your right visa invitation is 99% success of visa obtaining.