Visa for 2 weeks

For a short visit to Russia – up to 2 weeks
the best option is a Tourist visa

Main requirements

  1. You state that you are going as a tourist

  2. The formal purpose of entry is Tourism  – NOT visiting friends or relatives – For visit friends or relatives a private visa is required

  3. As the place of stay you specify some hotel or hostel  No private apartments, flat or house is admitted

Pay attention:
When applying for a Tourist visa no reservation from the hotel is required.

Russian visa Law does not recognize the confirmation of booking as the reason to grant  a visa.

The main visa supporting document to get  a Tourist visa is The Tourist Confirmation and Voucher  

What is the  Confirmation and Voucher?

These are 2 documents usually issued on the same sheet of A4 format

The voucher looks like this

Tourist Confirmation and Voucher for Russiabuy_now

Only authorized Russian Travel companies have the right to issue the Voucher and Confirmation

This document states that your Host company in Russia is the Travel company who issued the Confirmation and Voucher

Also the Confirmation and Voucher show that You plan to stay in a certain hotel in a certain city.

The Voucher and Confirmation contain exact dates of your journey and your visa is usually issued exactly for that period.

In many countries a copy of the Voucher and  Confirmation is enough to grant a visa.

But sometimes, the consulate may require the original Confirmation and Voucher

How much is the Confirmation and Voucher?

20 USD  or 15 Euro per person

1 passport – 1 Voucher

How to get  Confirmation and Voucher?

Option 1 –  Online order – instant issue

You may order your Tourist Confirmation and Voucher Online.

Complete the order form on our web-site here
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Get your Order ID and pay it.
After your payment is confirmed, you get your Confirmation and Voucher to your e-mail address.
If you pay via PayPal or bank cards – your Voucher arrives in 2-5 minutes.


Option 2 – Off line order

Complete the Order form and send it to our e-mail :

Link for the Order form (download)

We confirm receipt of your order and you may pay it online on our web-site here:

After we see your payment, we send you the Voucher and Confirmation to your e-mail.

What’s next?

After you have received your Voucher, print it out to take it to the Consulate or Official Visa center.
Now you are ready to apply for your Russian visa and get it.


After you come to Russia, remember to complete the visa registration procedure.


The Russian visa Law requires:
– once entered Russia, you must complete your visa registration no matter how many days you will stay – 2, 5, 7 or 15.
– to have your registration completed you have 5 work days. On the 6th work day – if you are missing your registration – you will be issued a penalty.
– sometimes  other consequences are possible.

If you have any difficulty with your registration, you may order your registration from us
this is the page for on-line order your registration: