About Us

We, LLCentre, are a Russian based group of companies providing Incoming & Tourist services and also
Visa & Migration services for Foreign Citizens who want to travel to Russia on Tourism, on Business,
to Work, to assist International Expo Shows, or just to stay with friends.

We provide visa support ( Visa Invitations ) for foreign citizens to obtain a Visa for Russia.

What kind of Visa invitations we provide: Business, Tourist, Work.

We also provide a Visa registration services for foreign citizens coming to Russia.
Although actually there is much less punish to foreigners for a lack of registration when checking on the street , the Law does not negate the need for registration.
It is no secret that when you apply for a Visa or for a visa invitation, every foreigner must be checked on databases of ofenders. And if it turns out that in the past year thisВ  citizen twice broke the Law, including the Registration Act, such alien will be denied visa or visa invitation.

Also we provide the service of exit visa for those who is unable to go out Russia within visa validity, or in case of lost their passport and visa.

Other our Departments provide on your request accommodation in Hotels and Apartments in Russian cities.

We also provide an airtickets and railway tickets service for Russian domestic directions.

You may contact us to our e-mail:  info @ llcentre . ru ( remove spaces).

Our Skype: bsclub.ru

Our Phone: +7 495 971-12-38

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Our address: Russia, 127055  Moscow, Lesnaya str., 43

Opennig hours: Mon-Fr 10:00 – 19:00 (local time)