Business Visa Invitation

A Business Visa invitation for Russia is a document that confirms your right to apply and to be granted a Russian Business visa.

A Russian Business visa invitation is very suitable for people who needs to travel to Russia quickly. Some types of Russian business Visa inviations may be issued in 2 days. That means that you may apply for a visa just in 2 days after you have ordered your visa invitation.

Besides, an urgent and express issuing of a visa is available in a Russian consulate for Business visas.

Express issuing of Business visas at Russian consulates is between 1 and 3 days.

Normal, or Standart issuing time of a Business visa at Russian consulatesis 5-10 days

So, the Business Visa invitation of 2 days issuing is a Telex visa directive.

It Is available only for Single and Double Business visas for 1 to 3 months vailidity.

For Multiple entries visas issuing time for Telex directive visa invitation is 13 days.

This type of visa invitation is being sent to the Russian consulate like a telegram. No need to forward the original Letter of Invitation. You may apply for your Russian visa based on the directive (telex) number.

Directive (telex) number must be entered into your visa application form in a special field, so one should be very careful when filling out the visa application form.

See further instructions here

Also for Business visas is available another form of visa invitation – original (paper form) letter of invitation printed on special forms.


These original invitations must be attached to your visa application when you visit the Russian Visa center or a.Russian consulate.

In contrast to the telex, on the original paper invitation you may apply for your Russian visa to different Russian consulates, as telex visa invitation is always sent strictly to one specific consulate of Russia

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