Telex number – Directive number – Invitation number

Telex number is the number of your Business Letter of Invitation sent to the Consulate from Minisrty of Foreign Affairs of Russia using special channels of communication named Telex.
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Telex number is not aplicable, if you have your Visa Invitation ( Letter of Invitation)  like these – below:

priglashenie_v_rossiyu-1electronnoe_priglashenie_v_rossiyuletter_of_invitation_russia If your Letter of Invitation seems like one of those -above, just leave the field Telex number – blank.

But if you are sure that your Letter of Invitation arrived to the Consulate in form of Telex from Foreign Ministry of Russia, you must get your Telex number from your russian sponsor company.

Invitation number complete as on the picture :


Pay attention!

If you have your Letter of Invitation in paper original form, there is no Telex number on it.

To apply for your visa you must use the invitation number.

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