Tourist Visa Invitation

Tourist Visa invitation for Russia is a Tourist Voucher. It is a document to confirm that you have contracted services from a Russian Travel Company, at least accommodation at a hotel in Russia.

A Tourist Voucher is strictly required to apply for a Travel (Tourist) visa for Russia.
It is the main and only base to apply and be granted the Russian travel visa.

A Tourist Voucher consists of 2 parts: “Voucher” itself and “Confirmation” (Podtverzhdenie). Every part of documents may be printed on A4 size paper, or the both parts of the document are printed on a single sheet of A4 size.

Tourist Voucher for Russia

Tourist Voucher is very convenient as a visa invitation: it may be issued in minutes or, even, online. No need to wait days and weeks untill it is ready.

For citizens of most countries a copy of the Tourist Voucher is quite enough to apply for a Travel Visa for Russia. No need to spend time & money to deliver the Original Tourist Voucher to the applicant.

Formally a Tourist Voucher may be issued for up to 30 days, but we recommend not to exceed 2 weeks. Otherwise the Russian consulate may require you a proof of paid hotel for the whole period of the requiested visa.


A Russian Travel visa may be obtaned only if you enclose your Tourist Voucher to your visa application.

Important Note! Be careful and accurate when applying for your Tourist visa for Russia. Be sure to put in your visa application form the same hotel as indicated in your Tourist Voucher. Otherwise unmatched data in the Voucher and in the Application Form may result in denial of visa.

How to fill in a Russian Tourist visa application:

Order online a Tourist Voucher