Where do I get a visa?

Where to get a Russian visa?

Russian visas are issued by Russian consulates.

So, to get your Russian visa you must submit your visa application to the nearest Russian consulate.

Pay attention, that there are countries, where Russian consulates admit visa application through Authorized Visa Centers.

Since a Visa Application is open in the country, certain types of visa applications may be accepted only through the visa application center.

Where to get a visa to Russia in the UK

In the UK now there are 2 Russian Visa application centers – in London and in Edinburgh.

Where do i get a visa in London?

Russia Visa Application Centre in London:
15-27 Gee Street,
London EC1V 3RD

Where do i get a visa in Ednburgh?


Russia Visa Application in Edinburgh:
16 Forth Street,
Edinburgh EH1 3LH

Therefore, all kind of short-term visa applications must be submitted to the Visa Application centre only.

In the case of appeal directly to the consulate, you will be redirected to the Visa application center.


What is a short-term visa?

A short-term visa is the visa that allows stay in the country for the period not exceeding 90 days in a 6 months period.
So, all kind of Business,  Tourist and Private visit visas are considered as short-term visas.